Build a great summary letter

Summary Letter Builder: guidelines to capture the¬†interaction and dialogue, ensure it has impact and moves the ball forward and sets you up to broaden and deepen your success.   Summary Letter BuilderThe checklists will help you ensure your writing and voice have the most positive stance and create forward movement. Continue reading Build a great summary letter

Be my best

Motherhood. We all want to be our best. And what do we do to be it? I keep trying and I keep facing myself in the mirror and seeing what is not as much as what is. What does it mean to be professional? Was very intrigued recently when I read a blog by an accomplished knowledge worker… a mathematics PhD who teaches computer science at a major US university. His thesis:¬†Knowledge Workers are Bad at Working. “I say this because unlike every other skilled labor class in the history of skilled labor, we lack a culture of systematic improvement.” … Continue reading Be my best