Do you suffer from Intention Deficit Disorder?

The beauty of the info age is that each of us has instantaneous, fingertip, essentially “always on” access to all the information anyone could every wonder about. In fact, each of us has “always on” access to information that we never dreamed possible and before now, we would not bother with, even if it means walking over to a bookshelf and picking and thumbing through the family dictionary or encyclopedia.

So, our new best friends are Mr and Mrs Google, it is easier to answer a text now rather than avoid eye contact with a stranger on the elevator or to answer an inquiry now and not waste the time it takes to cross the street safely, the cars will stop anyway, won’t they!?

Net net: there is so much random information available and so much targeted information streaming at us that it is almost impossible to stay the course on our own intentions. And without safeguards we lose our minds to these distractions.

Much of our current world has been designed to “rob” our attention, to fragment our focus.

One small example, a company named Google, all their revenue is based on the number of “eyeballs” hitting their pages and properties. More distraction, more eyes. More google millionaires.

Many people have learned to use some of these tools for productive purposes… However my contention is that the design intention is all too often to hijack our good intentions or cause leaks in our intention.

Overcoming IDD (Intention Deficit Disorder)

A couple of questions to ask yourself:

How strong are your intentions? Can they take an assault and survive? Are they important enough that you will protect them from offending agents? Can they right the ship when a wave of distraction threatens to take you down?

Do you have a process for “offensive” intention strengthening / exercise?
• Mindfulness: quieting the monkey mind, really, maybe I am the only one who sometimes feels as if there are monkeys throwing coconuts inside their head?
• Meditation: took me years and years of “I should really…” before I finally enrolled in a one day workshop. Are you kidding? That’s it and I have been denying myself all these benefits for these years?
• Goal creation / manifesting: think about it, we all have the raw capabilities and space to experience what we think, think what we want, and want what we don’t have. Yet so few of us take the time and energy to visualize.
• Implementation: “The Secret” didn’t tell us step 2 of the secret, just step one: visualize and actively energetically imagine and day dream about your goals “as if” you have achieved them. Step 2 is the secrete sauce: act on that vision with gusto and urgency to turn it (in a reasonably short period of time) into your reality.
• Journaling, “Morning Papers”, whatever you call it: write for 3 minutes, write stream of consciousness for 1,000 words. Whatever, let it flow for just a few minutes early in your day. Let your pen or keyboard channel your wakening subconscious mind, clear clutter and buff up your focus for the day.
• Daily review of successes: capture them, celebrate them, make them more explicit so you can do ‘me again and again

Do you have a process for “defensive” intention strengthening?
• Turn off notifications: be purposeful about when you let your device take away your attention and smash your intentions
• Turn off email: send your shopping and entertainment emails to a separate account that you look at daily or weekly
• Time Blocking: what is your “best, high impact time of day? Dedicate it to the big rocks that you are committed to move. Give them dedicated focus.
• Daily self coaching review / reviewing fails and gaps: at the end of the day, review “what could I improve?” Capture it, don’t excuse yourself, rationalize or judge yourself. Just record it and honour it. Release it and watch it vaporize away.



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