Does a fish know it is in water?

Self awareness.
The Holy Grail of personal development.
Who do you know who would not profess a commitment to personal development?

Of course! No one.
And, we continuously wonder if “THAT ” person is aware of their own style and misses, while we are overlooking our own.
Self awareness is also the biggest obstacle to our development.
Because most of us are not aware of how we are seen by others.
Because most of us do not have strong empathy to others and a solid ability to interpret either their verbal and even more fragile, interpreting others’ non-verbal reactions to us.
Because most of us are highly defended from feedback.

It’s understandable.
Recently I was exploring this topic. As an advisor and mentor, my struggle can be “how and when can I effectively help successful people see around or through their blind spots?”
I was working with two individual top producers; one highly offensive and bombastic, a solid believer in constructive challenge, as long as it was him doing the challenging.

One wanted desperately and completely to succeed and earn praise. You could see his neck and face blush when he was confronted with unwelcome feedback and he valiantly tried to receive it powerfully…and over time it hardly ever seemed to sink in.

How to open awareness? The risks and rewards of a subtle opening, say opening the seam of a linen shirt versus the risks and rewards of a hammer opening a coconut.

I don’t have a complete answer for you yet, however a fascinating read I tripped over…subsequently found a couple of podcasts that Dunning was interviewed in.

Definitive science that what we don’t know will kill us. And some strategies to manage around it.



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