Is self interest the dilithium crystal for success?

It’s not as pure as we pretend it is.

In transformation and change management, we believe that illustrating how self interest aligns with business goals will promote adoption of the new order.

In supervision and performance development, we work to understand the individual’s self interest and leverage it to create traction to perform well and commit to personal growth and take responsibility.

It’s not that clear.

Humans often exhibit more than self interest. Especially: when they see others demonstrating empathy and commitment to community.

Humans do not always do what is clearly in their self interest:

  • The Big Man Can’t Shoot: Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast episode of Revisionist History explores a variety of situations when successful, driven people DO NOT comply with obvious self interest
  • My Little Hundred Million: another episode, Malcolm explores why billionaire sports team owners do not follow expert advice to increase their team’s winning
  • Teaching Smart People To Learn: Chris Argyris shocked me in the early 90s with the idea that smart people and highly trained professionals are trained to NOT learn
  • Dunning Kruger effect: really made me aware of how challenging self awareness really is
  • Radical Candor:

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