#1 secret to self awareness

Don’t blame the mirror.
Humans have an amazing ability to not see their own trash.

People have an amazing ability to rationalize and excuse our own nature.

As a younger man, exploring my opportunities for growth, I was hungry for feedback.

Took me over a decade to start to integrate a solid framework for understanding my strengths and how they contribute to my greatest opportunities for development. Yes, long form for “weaknesses”.

Today another couple of decades later and with many hours of coaching professionals who are top performers and professionals who profess to commit to be top players, the single biggest block is self awareness and the willingness / awareness that “the enemy is me”.

Why am I writing this now?

I recently introduced a self professed “wanna be” coach and spiritual man to one of my favored mentors.

I watched him defend himself from my mentor’s statements, questions, parables, feedback and observations.

I watched him contradict areas that he had previously shared as strong personal views and beliefs.

All because he saw the mirror reflecting his own gaps and chose to let the mirror carry his own flaws. Blame. Excuse. Rationalization.


If you are committed to personal excellence, may I make a recommendation?

Jocko Willick shares his experience and learnings as a Navy Seals commander and trainer: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2016/06/03/podcast-206-extreme-ownership/


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